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10 reasons to do your internship in Chania

10 reasons to do your internship in Chania

September 7, 2017
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10 reasons to do your Internship in Chania

You probably know Athens, you probably know Mykonos and NOW you will learn about Chania in Crete. How can you combine your Internship in Chania with an amazing stay? Let’s get into it!

1.  Filoxenia (Hospitality)

Chania is known about its touristic mentality. The field has met a huge growth the last decade. This led to the creation of facilities appropriate for everyone who wants to meet this wonderful place. You will understand what the meaning of the greek word Filoxenia(Hospitality) is.

2.  Beaches like diamonds

Elafonisi, Balos, Falassarna, Agia Marina and Platanias beach  are only a few of the beaches you have to visit during your internship in Chania. Landscapes that you have never seen before and sea transparent and clear as glass. Apart from organized beaches in Chania, there are also plenty of deserted coves and lovely bays to enjoy total privacy. All Chania beaches though have crystal waters and look like paradises.

Within the geographical borders of the Municipality of Chania there are 11 beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag (Stalos, Agii Apostoli 1, Agii Apostoli 2, Chrissi Akti, Agia Marina, Kalamaki, Nea Chora, Marathi, Stavros, Agios Onoufrios, Kalathas).

3. Cretan traditional Cuisine

If you have not tasted Ntolmadakia, Tsigariasto, Sigklino, Graviera with Honey, Tzatziki, Sfakian Pie and Raki, trust me your life can’t be complete. Experience the real Crete with a walk through one of its most picturesque cities. Chania is a kaleidoscope of different elements strong local culture and traditions, and delectable cuisine. You just have to escape the tourist traps and dive into secret corners and local neighborhoods, each one stop has a story to tell!

4. Hiking

Every guide about Chania talks about Samaria’s gorge. It is a 3.5 hours hike if you are Bolt or a 5 hour hike if you take your time and enjoy the scenery. It starts from Omalos and it ends in Agia Roumeli (Sfakia’s Region) where you can enjoy the crystal waters while waiting for the ferry to return to Chania. But almost no guides tell you about the gorge in Sougia, in Imbros or my most favorite one in Asfendou(only a few know it and that is why it is the most beautiful one).

5. Villages & Countryside

Fragkokastelo, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Impros, Askifou (all of them in Sfakia Region), Apokoronas, Sougia, Kantanos, Apokoronas, Therissos, Omalos, Kaliviani, Paleochora are only a few spots you HAVE to visit during your internship in Chania. You know every Weekend you do a road trip pretty much. You have so many places to visit, so many people to meet, so many delicious foods to taste and so many beaches to dive in.

6. Gastronomical Tours

By doing your internship in Youth Entrepreneurship Club besides the fact you will have the time of your life. You will enjoy some organized tours during weekends with the smell of grape and olives. Yes, you guessed it right. You will have the chance to see how local products like wine and extra virgin olive oil are made and taste them. A huge hot potato, olive oil, salt oregano and a glass of red wine is a guaranteed trip to heaven.

7. Water activities

Scuba Diving everywhere in Platanias, Bungee jumping in Aradena and Paragliding with the Aero Club of Chania “Ermis”. People from all over the world come especially for the second one. You are young, you want to live your life to the extreme even while you are in your internship in Youth Entrepreneurship Club then go try the above. You can try them with other members of YEC so your experience may be more entrepreneurial!

8. Shopping

Now all males are thinking to skip this reason. BUT, I am not describing the typical shopping. But an experience of smells and deliciousness through the Municipal Market at the Centre of the Chania and Maxairadika through the Old Port. You will find raki, knitwear, herbs, honey, katsounes(long wooden artifacts used by shepherds) etc.

9. Cultural Events

Many carnival festivities and parades take place in various towns of Chania, such as Chania Town, Souda, Paleochora and Kalyves.

Every year, on the first week of July, there is a Nautical Week in the port of Chania Town. Every other year, this Nautical Week also takes place in the ports of Paleochora and Georgioupolis.

In August, there are many wine festivals in various villages of Chania. Cultural Summer All summer long, from June to August, there are various events in the municipality of Chania. These events include theatre performances, musical concerts, lectures, art and photo exhibitions, sports competitions and others.

Graviera Festival(one of many festivals about food during Summer) in Nea Chora in Sfakia where you will meet friendly people, you will plenty of wine with them(or else they will be offended) and eat piles of sfakian pie and graviera.

In the first weeks of August, there is an agricultural exhibition in the old port of Chania Town.

In November, the month of raki production, there is a raki festival in Chania Town, Loutraki Kydonias and Limni Platanias.

10. Activities with YEC

Here in Youth Entrepreneurship Club we organize night outs every week, so our members have some good time together and relax from work. Also, ping-pong games are a daily “need”. A day in our offices can’t end until the last ping-pong player standing is found. Lastly, we have our beer pong nights, the night starts with music the organizing of the place and the holy drinks and then the games begin. After that moment, every time I have no other memories, I just wake up at the couch next morning.


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