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About Vasileios Kottas

I think I am a person who wants to experience new things, to live new experiences. This, in connection with my desperate need to do something, has prompted me to take up the position at the Youth Entrepreneurship Club during the summer season. Seeking to gain insight into the field of administration, the exploitation of human potential, business in general and "incidental" new acquaintances. In a world that is constantly being reshaped, leaving the changes unnoticed, you stay behind hindering your future. Le vrai pouvoir, c'est la connaissance -Francis Bacon-. True power is knowledge. I believe that I can use the knowledge and experience which i have already gained so that I can make the Club 1% better. My mood to improve whatever i am handling with, stems from my curiosity and my bottomless suspicion. This suspicion puts me in search of flaws in everything i notice, so my flaw becomes beneficial. My studies include the sector of the Administration, as well as my experience with AIESEC will be an important factor in my adaptation and my subsequent development in the Club. Finally, considering the working climate to be important, i am sure that an organization built by young people will be a model.

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