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Through the Youth Entrepreneurship Club International Internship program, young people from all over the world have the opportunity to gain valuable insights on the scientific subject they want, contributing to the development and optimization of innovative actions; many of them with socio-political orientation. At the same time, the Organization helps the personal development of the interns in an international multicultural environment by contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.

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Youth Entrepreneurship Club, is a young organisation, which through its continuous growth enables young people to carry out their internship within the Organisation or in any affiliated partner. Moreover, the Organisation makes the effort on developing and training young people, offering them an organized internship program based on activities, seminars and meetings with people interested in entrepreneurship and have the same ambitions (For more information check out our YEARLY CALENDER). Last but not least, the Organisation is willing to give participants every necessary tool in order to accomplish all of their dreams and ambitions.

We also show them how they can develop their skills and improve their abilities.


Erica Christodoulou, 2016

My experience as an intern in YEC was amazing.
After the end of my internship, I continued working as a volunteer in yec for more than a year, as I felt that the vision of its members, should be disseminated to as many people as possible.
My friction with innovative entrepreneurial projects, while an intern and a volunteer, gave me a realistic view of the local but also global marketfield and furthermore shaped my academic and professional interests.
I highly recommend YEC for any intern who wishes to expand his/her horizons and connect with interesting, cultivated young people who share the same passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and personal growth.


Iris Fuentes, 2016

If I had to make an assessment of these days, I’d say they were amazing. From the beginning, Thanos and the members of Youth Entrepreneurship Club have been very kind with me, like almost all Greeks actually. In my opinion, the main objective of an internship outside your country, is to broaden your horizons much more than a simple Erasmus program. You learn to survive, adapt and live in another country with a different language, and at the same time respect the habits and values ​​of each person. Perceive more differences between countries, and you can’t realize it, till you turn off the TV and stop reading the daily newspaper of your country, and you decide to go out to see it by yourself.

If you are young and interested to live a unique experience by doing your internship in Youth Entrepreneurship Club in Chania, Crete, fill the application form. So, we are waiting to welcoming you in our team!


Vasilis Kottas, 2017

I chose the YEC because it is an NGO run by young people with an important mission which is to increase entrepreneurship. Promoting social entrepreneurship positively impact our society. I contributed inspiring young people and introducing them to entrepreneuriat.
At YEC I became conscious of the need for more entrepreneurs.  I met local people who are involved in entrepreneurship. That would benefit me if I decide to start a business in Greece.



If you are young and interested to live a unique experience by doing your internship in Youth Entrepreneurship Club in Chania, Crete, fill the application form.

So, we are waiting to welcoming you in our team!

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