Becoming a Digital Marketeer

Becoming a Digital Marketeer

September 1, 2021
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It is a fact that nowadays every business needs either a digital marketing manager or a whole digital marketing department. Why there is so much need? Because, if you want more profit you need to know where to advertise. Trust me, putting a poster on a street wall for advertising purposes is pretty much useless in this century. So the best place to advertise your service or product is in online media where most people spend their day.

So how can you become a Digital Marketing Rock Star? Great way through reading e-books and taking online courses, best way through mentors. For example the School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship hosted by Youth Entrepreneurship Club.

Here are some fundamental skills though you need to acquire:


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is a skill because Google’s search algorithm “respects” it so much. It is pretty much optimizing your website’s user experience. By making it “lighter”, using the right tags, choosing the right pictures and titles and thinking about timing (timing is everything). This seems easy but analyzing your website’s key errors like broken links and choosing the right key words, is a whole another story… 


  • Analytics and Adwords


Google Analytics and Google Adwords or generally paid ads for example in Facebook are a field pretty specialized. What I mean knowing how to set up an ad, how much to spend, when to publish it and where is hardly earned knowledge:

  • How to use Facebook’s analytics tool “Facebook Insights”
  • Use “Power Editor” well
  • What can be done with “Look alike” audiences
  • The granular targeting of “Custom audiences”
  • What is oCPM bidding and how to do it well
  • How to experiment and test creative images

*70% of the customer journey is completed online before a buyer even reaches out to a sales rep.


  • Email and SMS Marketing


A recent report released by the New York Times, revealed that despite it having over 6 million emails in their database they didn’t even have a proper email marketing platform. Emails and SMS are two very complicated means of advertising. The reason is the form, the length, the attitude, the attached files are just some of the factors to be considered. 


  • Automation


91% of the most successful marketing automation users agree that it is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels. As the digital marketing landscape evolves and expands, marketers are expected to complete an infinite amount of tasks with a finite amount of resources. By learning how to implement and use marketing automation, you’ll be able to achieve this seemingly unachievable feat.


  • Social Media Marketing


I left the best for last. Social channels are essential for cultivating a positive customer experience, and if your organization owns them, you have a responsibility to nurture and maintain your community. This may seem like a time consuming prospect, but learning how to develop meaningful social relationships with your target audience segments can generate significant return on investment. The more you know about your customers’ needs, challenges and preferences, the better you can engage them.


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