Crete is a Brand Name tourist destination

Crete is a Brand Name tourist destination

August 22, 2016
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The placement of Erica Christodoulou on the two days event about the Europe day.” Taking advantage of the new technologies at the level of individual enterprise and at the level of collective bodies, we can enter the new era. Using the internet marketing and the tools we have can control the image of the tourist destination called Crete.

Destination branding is very important, and enables us to display details of the destination for which as locals we are proud of, this is what the visitors will appreciate. Another important part of the tourism business is seasonal. We need to get away from addressing tourism in terms of seasonality and move on an annual tourism concept,, because we have the potential to do that.

The sea and the sun is not the only thing we can sell. Even on overcast times, this country has many beauties, this is the reason why we have to renew our product, seeking alternative forms of tourism, for instance bringing the traveler, naturalist, religious tourism and mostly the elderly tourism. As entrepreneurs we must learn to think out of the box and offer the visitors an experience based on authenticity and immediacy.

We have to distinguish around our entrepreneurial ecosystem, seize the opportunities that we have been given us, not to have centralized thinking but a cooperative. “