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DigiYouth Project: Creating and Evaluating the Educa …

DigiYouth Project: Creating and Evaluating the Educa …

April 15, 2023
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In the face of an ever-evolving digital landscape, the significance of digital skills could not have been emphasized enough. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had only amplified the need for these skills, exposing the challenges young people faced in adapting to an increasingly digital world. Some found themselves struggling to keep up, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. In light of this issue, the Youth Entrepreneurship Club and the Bistita Business Academy took a proactive approach to empower youth workers and trainers through the Erasmus+ Project DigiYouth.

The core of this ambitious project revolved around three key activities, each contributing to the ultimate goal of bridging the gap between formal education and the skills, particularly digital skills, required in our modern daily lives.

1. Creation of the Educational Guide:
This foundational activity was the heart of the initiative. The project envisioned the development of an educational and training guide tailored specifically for youth trainers. This guide was set to equip these professionals with the necessary tools to effectively train young people in digital competences.

2. Training of Trainers(26/03/2023-01/04/2023):
Once the educational guide was created, the focus shifted to ensuring that youth workers and educators were not just equipped with this resource but also trained to use it effectively. The training activity for trainers took place in the vibrant city of Tripoli, Greece, providing these trainers with the skills and knowledge necessary to empower young people in the digital era. At this event 10 Youth Workers attended from Greece and Romania.

The Ultimate Goal:
Above and beyond the creation of an educational guide and the training of trainers, the DigiYouth project aspired to foster digital competence, resilience, and entrepreneurship among young people. The initiative was driven by the belief that these skills were not only essential for adapting to the digital world but also crucial for success in the job market.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and the Institute of Life-Long Learning (INEDIVIM),

As the project unfolded, it promised to make a significant impact on the digital readiness of young people in the European Union. The collaborative efforts of the Youth Entrepreneurship Club and the Bistita Business Academy were set to equip youth trainers and empower the younger generation, ensuring they were well-prepared for the challenges of the digital age.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project as it continues to progress. The journey toward a more digitally competent and resilient future began with the creation and evaluation of the educational/learning guide on digital competences in three EU languages.

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