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10 reasons to participate in Erasmus Placement at YE …

10 reasons to participate in Erasmus Placement at YE …

August 2, 2017
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10 reasons to participate in Erasmus Placement at YEC

What is exactly Erasmus + Placement?

The Erasmus + Placment program is a European Union student internship program. Internships can take place in almost all European countries from 3 to 12 months. Students can thus work in a company, university, research center or other organization abroad and gain professional experience. 

Erasmus Placement

Youth Entrepreneuship Club offers you the best traineeship, as you can work on the field of your interest. The Club of young people operates in a diffenent from the established, way. Through weekly and daily activities there is a unique climate of co-operation. In addition, it is possible to develop business and personal skills through the Entrepreneurship School. It will provide you with the tools are needed to become an entrepreneur. Last but not least, Erasmus Interns will attend the Entrepreneurship School at a privileged price.

The reasons for doing an internship through Erasmus + Placment are:

  1. First of all, the main reason is the skills acquired, such as problem solving, adaptability, organizational and communication skills. Also, the ability to work under pressure and meet the deadlines is very important.
  2. According to a survey by the European Commission, employers are looking for people who have already work experience. This work experience through Erasmus+ in  will make your resume to stand out.
  3. Furthermore, do not forget the value of networking. Perhaps in the internship you get to know the next co-founder of your new business or your next employer or better the shareholder / financier of your business idea.
  4. You participate in workshops in which you develop your co-operation and the ability to take proper initiatives.
  5. You will learn to work in a European business environment with people of different cultures. Besides broadening your horizons it will also help you to improve or learn a foreign language on professional level.
  6. You learn how to put into practice the knowledge you received at the university, appreciating more your studies.
  7. You become more independent as you have more responsibilitie. But, surely, through this challenge you will come out stronger. Hence, check out this video for more info.
  8. As the European Commission points out, you are becoming an integrated European citizen. The cognitive limits and dilemmas are broken down and you are conscious that you are in a zone of countries where you can easily move and work.
  9. If you are missing out the chance to work on the field you like, Erasmus + Placment program as “Deus ex machina” saves the situation by widening your horizons and showing you the opportunities in other Union countries.
  10.  Therefore, Erasmus+ Placment promotes entrepreneurship, help in rehabilitation and job opportunities abroad.infographeng

In conclusion, a quote of Desiderus Erasmus, a Dutch philosopher and source of inspiration for the program, once said: “If you continue to think about what you want to do or hope you do, but you do not do it – It will never happen! “

So, take the decision and apply now to Youth Entrepreneurship Club through the ErasmusIntern website. Take the opportunity to develop your skills and be a member in a startup environment, too.

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