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Hola!! I am Iris, the new intern.

Hola!! I am Iris, the new intern.

November 10, 2016
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Name: Iris Ladhari Fuentes

Age: 23

Dream Job: Grupo Prisa

School: Complutense University of Madrid

Favourite movie: Alternative movies in general as The Lobster

Favorite book: Street Fighter / Olvidé decirte quiero

Favourite food: Jamón, spanish omelet, gyros

Favourite place: Halkidiki / Cyprus


Γεια σας!

Mε λένε Iris. Εγώ Είμαι από την Ισπανία,  από την Μαδρίτη. Σπουδάζω Δημοσιογραφία. All I can say in Greek so far. Let me introduce myself. I took part in the Erasmus course of 2015/2016 in Thessaloniki. During my Erasmus, I could travel to Poland, Istanbul, Bulgaria, Mykonos and many other awesome Greek islands.  I also made numerous journeys outside Erasmus last year: I was in Egypt, Munich, Ibiza, Portugal… And now I am coming back to Greece, to do my internship. You never know where you can end up…  

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Why I chose Υouth Entrepreneurship Club?

I chose Youth Entrepreneurship Club for several reasons: Firstly, I wanted to expand my curriculum with internships abroad. Secondly,  this company inspires me to learn. When I was in Thessaloniki, I was able to help the refugees in the Idomeni camp. Among my goals to return to Greece, was to get back into contact with this issue of refugees and working in this company opened the doors to me to continue helping and collaborating with them. Furthermore, I’d like to encourage people from my country to know the company and the city. Mediterranean people have many things in common and I think that would be a good way to perceive the similarities that unite us.

If I had to make an assessment of these days, I’d say they were amazing. From the beginning, Thanos and the members of Youth Entrepreneurship Club have been very kind with me, like almost all Greeks actually. In my opinion, the main objective of an internship outside your country, is to broaden your horizons much more than a simple Erasmus program. You learn to survive, adapt and live in another country with a different language, and at the same time respect the habits and values ​​of each person. Perceive more differences between countries, and you can’t realize it, till you turn off the TV and stop reading the daily newspaper of your country, and you decide to go out to see it by yourself.

I advise everyone (regardless of their experience with Erasmus), to do internships abroad. Every day has a new lesson in various ways. If you are interested in going abroad in coming years you can find good job offers in pages like: or

Delighted to be part of this team!

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