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OPENISME Research & Business Platform.

OPENISME Research & Business Platform.

May 22, 2017
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openismeOPENISME (Open Platform for Innovative SMEs) is designed to help enhance the innovation capacity for smaller firms through the creation of novel “Open Innovation” collaborations between European SMEs and research partners.

It recognizes the potential importance SMEs have facing the current economic challenges, and designed its project to maximum the agility, flexibility and technological innovation of growing SMEs. Openisme also realizes the unawareness of sources of external skills and expertise of majority of the SMEs, and adjusted its project so that SMEs can cost-effectively identify and leverage their external expertise, and therefore better unlock the substantial benefits for both parties.

Cooperated with universities and companies from UK, Slovenia, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Germany and France, Openisme contributes to match SMEs to novel resources, expertise or insights, and therefore extend the reach of SME’s, returning the expertise most appropriate and able to respond to specific business challenges.

Unlike typical use-cases that only start with an SME seeking to solve a business problem but not having the skill, time or money to come up with a solution, Openisme will provide the SMEs with professional assistance and guidance to solve long-term challenges. It also investigates the utility of the techniques developed to other forms of partnerships that underpin effective innovation, including SME relationships with complementary private sector organizations.

Optimally, SMEs participated in Openisme will acquire the ability to cope with various business challenges scientifically and solve incoming problems in an organic way.

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