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Our Story

Our Story

The initiative started, in the last days of 2012, when some students of TUC started some meetups inside the university called ‘TUC Venture’ discussing subjects around innovation & entrepreneurship.

Youth Entrepreneurship Club, has registered as a legal entity in 2015. The founding team were three students in Chania being inspired from the academic foundations abroad, believed that greek universities can change and show the way to creation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Their mission was to highlight new opportunities for young people that could act on the social environment of economical crisis in Greece, with aim to reverse the negativity, pessimism and  immigration. The obstacles were many, but with faith and vision the team started to grow up, to persuade and being developed.

In 2016, the organisation started to run acts in the region of Crete.

In 2017 takes national and european dimensions, with acts in cities and academic foundations in the region of Greece. As well as participating in Erasmus+ , which means bringing young people from abroad in Greece and trying to broaden their horizons and develop organisation’s network.

Till 2017 the organisation counts more than 100 volunteers, through its 30 actions has direct impact to 3,000 people and reflection to more than 100,000.

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