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Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career

Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career

August 22, 2016
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You (!) The student, the graduate, how many times you confront the question of whether you made the right choices and as a result you are not thinking clearly and you keep questioning yourself, reality itself, what you have accomplished, the present?

So here comes the Entrepreneurship Panorama, a multi-conference related to entrepreneurship and career guidance, as assistant and leader of young people in order to alleviate the stress and turn from destructive to creative. This succeeds by entering the young people in the contemporary reality of the industrial world, as a result removing them from ignorance. Panorama embraces young people, advises them, brings them in contact with innovation.
It gives them opportunities to experience, to get to know executives and come in contact with them giving them the chance to find templates. Mostly, it gives them hope, vision, objective, opening new horizons for them, through Business Days that. But Panorama is not only limited to these actions, it also informs young people about internships and job opportunities, while is interested to staff companies which works with, and are able to provide jobs.

Panorama is the way by which young people are able to learn themselves, will bring them up against a number of options, and under the continuous provision of information and guidance, They call themselves to choose!

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