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Startup Europe Week Crete 2017 PRESS RELEASE

Startup Europe Week Crete 2017 PRESS RELEASE

April 24, 2017
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Σύλλογος Νεανικής Επιχειρηματικότητας _ Startup Europe Week Crete 2017

European Conference Startup Europe Week Crete (SEWCrete), was completed at the “House of Civilisation” on Friday, February 10th, in Rethymnon city, with more than 200 visitors. The event was the last of a series, with the theme of entrepreneurship and startups, held through 3 prefectures of Crete. The conference hosted in overall, more than 800 visitors, 80 speakers, 50 volunteers, 20 supporters and 10 workshops.

Startup Europe Week was held by the official Ambassador in Crete, Youth Entrepreneurship Club as an initiative of European Committee/ Startup Europe. It was conducted on Friday February 3rd at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture in Chania, co organized by KEPPEDIH-CAM and Regional Unit of Chania, on Tuesday February 7th at the “Conference and Cultural Centre” in Heraklion and finally on Friday, February 10th at the “House of Culture” in Rethymno under the aegis of the Regional Unit of Rethymno.

It is the second year of  Startup Europe Week in Crete. After its excellent impact in Chania last year, Youth Entrepreneurship Club, managed to travel throughout the island with the help of volunteers, sponsors, supporters and institutions.

In fact this year’s conference had an even richer content with more sessions, constructive information and parallel workshops.

Youth Entrepreneurship Club addressed a call to everyone interested in sharing the vision and participating either as a member or a volunteer in YEC actions. The club aims to make information and entrepreneurial tools so accessible, that the only obstacle in achieving one’s dreams is only a matter of personal will.

At any rate, as the representative of Youth Entrepreneurship Club, Thanos Paraschos stated: “ We can produce value from scratch, investing in the human asset”.


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To sum up, everyone’s wish is for Startup Europe Week Crete to be the cause for the birth of many excellent entrepreneurial ventures that will directly affect national growth and development.

A photo album of the event as well as the content of the presentations and audiovisual material, will soon become available.

However, you can learn more about Startup Europe Week, at and stay in touch with Youth Entrepreneurship Club at

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