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Startup Europe Week Chania 2016 Report

Startup Europe Week Chania 2016 Report

March 20, 2016
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Dear Sirs,

We are happy to inform you that the first European conference ‘Startup Europe Week’ was successfully held in Chania on the 4th & 5th of February with the Youth Entrepreneurship Club as an official SEW ambassador and the Europe Startup/European Committee, the Region of Crete / Regional Unit of Chania and KEPPEDIH-CAM as co-organisers.

Speaking in numbers, within 2 days, the event had more than 400 visitors, 45 speakers, 10 sessions, 20 hours of lectures and 7 discussion moderators. Also, 30 volunteers participated in the event and 300+ social media posts were released. We were able to beneficially exploit 15 local sponsors, 5 media partners and 9 supporters, while during the event, the audience had a chance to experience the presentation of 5 new cretan startups and 1 startup pitching contest. The facts illustrate “Startup Europe Week Chania” as the biggest event in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe!

The sessions of lectures and following discussions were useful and constructive. Specifically, in the first day, there were lectures and presentations on entrepreneurship and  public/ private local agents, relevant activities of academic institutions, investor’s insights, new technologies in local industry, social entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility.

On the second day, funding opportunities and European support programs were presented while internationally successful entrepreneurs, scientists, business angels, consultants and representatives of incubators and Venture Capitals, offered their guidance and information to young entrepreneurs. The event reached it’s peak with inspiring speeches from investors, representatives of international firms and successful startuppers, and the opportunity for the audience to watch a pitching contest of new Cretan startups and vote along with the jury, the startup that met the criteria of success.

The winner, onWebChat startup, an online, in the site, chat app, as presented by Mr. Psillakis Pericles, won as a prize, the business support package “BizSpark” offered by Microsoft Hellas.

All the startups that participated surprised the audience with innovative ideas as, “Supermarketnow“, an on demand online supermarket presented by Mr. Michael Gikas, “Enerpaint”, an innovative phosphorescent road paint material presented by Mr. George Lentaris, “HEPP”, an augmented reality platform presented by mr. Jason Paterakis and “Costa Nostrum”, a sustainable beaches development and certification program presented by Mrs. Maria Zouridaki.

Very important, was the active participation of the audience in the event with online question placement and polls that were performed through “Conferience” app, a successful Greek startup used for this purpose.

The success of Startup Europe Week in Chania has reinforced the sense of identity of the Youth Entrepreneurship Club and encouraged its members to continue their creative activities and efforts towards the so much needed unity, self awareness and enhancement  of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We hope this event will become the beginning of a new era in entrepreneurship and will be followed by many similar events that will promote change of the local entrepreneurial culture. Concerning profitable management of ideas and  innovational projects as well as familiarization of the public with criteria that constitute business success. The public’s participation and support of the event shows us that this change is already taking place, while  a strong social and economic fabric is threaded where constituting members realise the importance of teamwork and solidarity.

Achieving one’s dream is linked to the success of the other’s goals, thus, collective action leads to beneficial social impact, financial growth and production of culture. Participation in this culture of coexistence and enhancement of our talent, will be our biggest victory.

Media Statement of the President of Youth Entrepreneurship Club, Mr. Thanos Paraschos:

“There are researches proving that if one out of three young people who finish their studies, attempt a step in entrepreneurship, then the economic crisis is a matter of one year. Therefore it is necessary to receive state support for this aim -not necessarily financial support- but to facilitate procedures of establishment and function of new businesses while at the same time, create the analogous economic environment of neighbor countries. This event has set the bar high for future projects of an even bigger range.

You can watch the event Startup Europe Week Chania, that was broadcasted through live streaming, in Youth Entrepreneurship Club Youtube channel archives here


You can see photos of the event and highlights of the presentations:

In the facebook community page here

In the facebook event page here

And our facebook group page here


Thank you for creating the idea for this event and giving Youth Entrepreneurship Club the opportunity to materialize it. It was a wonderful and constructive experience that more than achieved its goal:  it gave spark for new collaborations, initiatives and zest for continuation.


You will soon receive a full album and video material of the event.

Thank you once again for inspiring this amazing experience,

Youth Entrepreneurship Club

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