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A Startup does not need Capital, needs Work

A Startup does not need Capital, needs Work

May 16, 2016
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The statement by Thanos Paraschos during the two days event about the Day of Europe, which took place in the Cultural Center of Chania.

Nothing is easy or difficult. Everything requires hard work and dedication in what you do. Start ups that have launched in Greece lately, evolve with a great potential. Change comes from an individual person or a group of people on a field at a certain time. So, if we decide to change individually or generally as a group and try to incorporate few things that are missing from the market, setting the political problems aside, we can succeed and remain in Greece.

You don’t need the money to invent a start up, all you need is work, work and work! Of course, a vision is required and you have to believe in what you do. Certainly, there are tools that can tell you whether you are on the right track or not, you also need guidance and an environment that will support with all means and without having to provide capital money but with the intangible support. Capital is not a start up key at least in the beginning.

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