“Stories Behind a Painting: A Transformative Erasmus+ Youth Exchange on Migration Awareness and Artistic Expression”

“Stories Behind a Painting: A Transformative Erasmus+ Youth Exchange on Migration Awareness and Artistic Expression”

July 31, 2023
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Between 9th and 17th of July, we, Marina, Katerina, Niki, Dimitra, Danai, Vicky and Vaia , participated in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange with the title “Stories behind a painting” which took part in a unique town, Pińczów, Poland organized by “CreActive”. The participating countries were Spain, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic and Romania and the working language was English. The Greek team included seven members from all over Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraclion, Larissa) and it was put together by the “Youth Enterpreneurship Club” to be sent to Poland. The main aim of the project was to raise young people’s awareness/understanding on migration crisis in Europe, offering the opportunity to create strong networks and develop a sense of European citizenship and values, thereby promoting non-formal learning and cooperation in the field of youth.

Some personal thoughts from us, about the project:
-Taking part in the “Stories behind a Painting” program was a rewarding experience. It offered a chance to use art as a means of communication and this is something that I personally find fascinating. Plus, the emphasis on immigration offered a lot of insight on the topic and the discussion that resulted from the activities was interesting and productive. Raising awareness on this specific topic while also coming into contact with the arts is a combination that is simply amazing and I feel grateful for having participated in such a program!

-In this project not only did I learn how to work in teams with others but I evolved as a person. Through the tasks and reasesrch we had to do about this serious matters it awakened me on how this world works. It was my first project and I wouldn’t change a thing from it!

-As my first project, I didn’t know what to expect at first. I met some very wonderful people and, through our activities, assimilated important soft skills like cooperation, creative thinking and patience. The activities introduced to us the meaning of migration in creative and easily understandable ways, and informed us about different aspects of this problem. By taking part in these activities we could understand the issue’s impact in our own countries and in different countries in Europe. What i liked most about this project was being able to work all together to make the art gallery the last day. I think it was the most fun and creatively spent day. <3

-Having the opportunity to share these 9 days with so many amazing people from all of those different countries, backgrounds and experiences was one of the highlights of my summer. It was an all around enriching and valuable experience, leading to wonderful memories and stories that I still cherish. We learnt how to coexist and cooperate efficiently, while also having a lot of fun through different activities.

-This project was truly a game changer for me. The time I spent in Poland and the way I got to interact with my peers definitely broadened my horizons. I learned to coexist with people with different habits and lifestyles. Also during these days, my perspective on immigration completely changed. I got to understand the struggles that people go through and realized that it is something unbelievably hard.
All in all this Erasmus and this team offered me an incredible experience that I will never forget.

-This Youth Exchange was an eye-opening experience! The creative workshops and cultural exchange brought together a diverse group and left us inspired and united.It provided a safe space for artistic expression while fostering empathy and understanding among participants. I really enjoyed our art gallery with activities about migration and how the participants interacted during our creations.

-The project helped me obtain greater knowledge regarding immigration policiesand terminology and become more sensitive on the topic. What’s more, it contributed to the sharpening of my creativity, as we participated in a lot of energizers, theatrical acts, dances, drawings and organized workshops from scratch. Last but not least, this project gave me the opportunity to meet, cooperate and be inspired by people from different cultures. All in all, I hope i maintain the amazing relationships i made and I participate in more erasmus+ projects in the future.

We would like to thank “CreActive” and “Youth Enterpreneurship Club” for the opportunity!


*The project was co-funded from the Erasmus+ Programme