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Why be a mentor in Startup Europe Week Crete 2019? ( …

Why be a mentor in Startup Europe Week Crete 2019? ( …

February 14, 2019
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Startup Europe Week Crete _ Co-Organiser _ Youth Entrepreneurship Club

Startup Europe Week Crete _ Co-Organiser _ Youth Entrepreneurship Club

Become a mentor at the European conference of Startup Europe Week to be held in Crete. Share your thoughts, knowledge, passion with young people on entrepreneurship and innovation. In these difficult times of our country, more and more young people are discouraged by seeing the current situation. Be the force and give the stimulations they need based on your multiannual experience!

– Give Back

Obtain personal satisfaction by making a difference in the career development of the new generation, facilitate your own professional and personal growth by sharing the knowledge you learned through your years of experience, and give back to the industry and the institutions that helped you gain your expertise and reach success. Mentoring is an empowering and rejuvenating experience that impacts both mentors and mentees and largely contributes to their development.

– Inspire with your leadership and managements skills

Through your obtained leadership and management skills and using effective communication techniques, you will be inspiring a new generation of leaders who are passionate about their fields of study and who want to make a difference in the world. Those recent grads are budding entrepreneurs who aspire to be highly successful and (look for)need our guidance to achieve success.

– Expand your professional network

In addition to sharing your wide network of professional connections in (your field) the industry, this experience allows you to tap into the emerging startup world. Reach out to the talents of the new economies and gain fresh new perspectives. A mentor-mentee relationship offers benefits in addition to acquaintance, networking, and support. Trust and respect are important factors that deepen this relationship and takes you into an ever evolving new space of fruitfulness.

– Be the change maker

Be one of the game changers by helping shape the future industry landscape and be one of the first insiders involved in impactful adventures and innovative projects that mold the future economy and impact lives and jobs in our communities. Mentors can be the change they want to see in the world through their efforts of instilling seeds of growth in the new generation.

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