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Become a YEC Ambassador

Become a YEC Ambassador

September 27, 2019
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European Students Week | The European Students Experience powered by Youth Entrepreneurship Club


At YEC we believe our world faces challenges that can only be solved through innovative, entrepreneurial action. That’s why we are dedicated and passionate about empowering individuals, their ideas, and their organizations.

YEC is a non profit organisation based in Greece. We are hosting networking events, we provide educational programs and support to local founders, innovators, students, educators in order to create a positive social or economic impact in Greece.


We believe in enabling the right people at the right moment to change the world. We believe in true relationships and mutual support. We are truly passionate about helping students, founders, entrepreneurs and startups succeed.


YEC is an non profit organisation, based in Greece, which supplies the new generation of entrepreneurs with guidance, support and means to create ventures with a social or economic impact.

Are you ready to become part of our Family?

As a YEC Ambassador, you represent the YEC brand on your city, sparking the entrepreneurial spirit. As an avid networker, you know the most important contacts at your city/university and infect others with your enthusiasm for YEC. Through creative activities and support from our team, you’ll ensure that YEC gets into the hearts and hands of all entrepreneurial people to be their first go-to point.

At YEC we believe our generation faces challenges that can only be solved through innovative, entrepreneurial action. That’s why we are dedicated and passionate about empowering individuals, their ideas, and their organizations. If you are dedicated to the development of your ecosystem and want to make a positive impact in your community, then working with YEC  may be the perfect fit.
This stage of the application process entails a series of questions that will help you think through your launch plan and help us see if we have a fit.

Once you are approved as YEC ambassador you will gain access to an online inventory with guidelines that will help you with your role.

Ready to get started? Please reply on the following questions!

Become a YEC Ambassador

  • MENTORS – the startup gurus
    Please name three potential mentors/investors from your local ecosystem who could contribute to the success of your YEC BRANCH. Mentors within the program are not getting paid, their main motivation should be giving back to the community and making valuable contacts with other experts.

  • SPONSORS / Partners – follow the money
    YEC Programs let local sponsors and partners get in front of hundreds of potential customers, and their support will allow your events to grow in size and prestige.

    About Sponsors
    Sponsors are small, medium or large companies able to make financial contributions to your Program.

    About Partners
    Partners make in-kind contributions like catering, audio-visual support, press and venue support. They also lend credibility to the event and allow you to invest in improving your local Program.

    Sponsors/Partners who want to market to entrepreneurs are often:


    Business-to-business technology firms


    Legal service providers

    Venture capitalists

    Co-working spaces

    Public institution investing in the regional development



  • VENUES – the place to be!
    Your venue is key to a great event. Tell us about 2 possible venues in your city.
    Your venue facilitates and sets the mood for your event. Ideally it has a stage to throw around confetti and put the spotlight on the pitching teams with an audience for up to 100 people. It also needs to include working stations for up to 15 teams (ideally in the same room) and it needs to cover all the technical stuff (mics, projector, sound, etc). Yes, that’s a lot of requirements for a little YEC Venue 😉

    Also please focused on sponsored locations only, e.g coworking spaces or big corporates, universities located centrally and accessible via public transport.

  • ENTREPRENEURS – find the real ones

    We are aiming to support the determined individuals and startups on their way to success. Your responsibility will be to find the right people to participate in the YEC  Program. Entrepreneurial minds who work on sustainable business solutions, disrupting industries and have a hunger for success. 

    To reach the right people partnerships with key players in the ecosystems are the way to go. Please let us know five relevant players who you would like to work together with. This could be startup magazines, coworking spaces, accelerator programs or simply very well connected people.


  • BUILDING YOUR CREW – aka your Team members
    Creating a strong team is key to have a successful Startup Live Program in your City! Out of experience we recommend 1 or 2 Ambassadors and 2-4 core volunteers who help with marketing, operations and event production. 

    Throughout the months before it will make your life a lot easier if you have a team who helps you with marketing and planning your event. Similarly, during the event, you will be preoccupied getting to know the audience and leading the interview. You need a team to help with check-in and to help ensure the crowd is having an amazing experience.

  • Co-Ambassador

    Do you have a partner in crime in mind? You can split responsibilities however you wish but only select Co-Ambassadors that you know will work with you for the long term.

  • Volunteers

    Think about creating a team that can both help at the live event (check-in, etc) and help with the work you do to prepare the whole event. Consider selecting people with strengths in areas that will compliment yours.

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